Intervention + Group Work

More and more schools are turning towards 1:1 tuition to support their children within school with a personalised learning programme. As a business founded by two teachers with years of combined experience in the education sector, we understand the measures that the government has in place to ensure that pupil premium funding is used in an effective way. Our focused learning programmes are carried out by fully qualified teachers to ensure that the pupils get the very most out of their funding.

What We Can Offer

  • Provide your school with a regular fully qualified teacher
  • Create and work towards detailed and challenging success criteria with students
  • Work closely with your school to produce a plan and establish goals
  • Regular feedback with clear next steps
  • A personalised teaching approach that engages and motivates
  • Group intervention sessions. We can collaborate with teachers to put together and carry out an intervention timetable.

How To Enquire

Please contact us at to enquire about the availability of our pupil premium tutors. Please state the name and address of your school and a contact name and number.